I am the daughter of Army Captain and State Farm Agent Patrick O. Cunningham and author Linda S. Cunningham who taught me to drive defensively, sweat the small stuff and the big picture will be a breeze. 

I am the granddaughter of Sgt. Larry W. Stephenson of the Legendary WWII Merrill’s Marauders who recently won the Congressional Gold Medal of  Honor who taught me to practice bravery everyday.  


I am the wife of Major Guy T. Burrows M.D. Medical Corp Flight Surgeon Neurologist/Neuromuscular Specialist who served as Surgeon General of the wing in Desert Storm.  He went on to serve on the board as Vice Chairman of the Pain Section of the American Academy of Neurology and was the past director of Infusion for Mischer at Memorial Hermann Medical Center in The Woodlands.  He is currently the owner of  Burrows Muscle and Nerve Center in The Woodlands, Texas.

I am a proud mother of my two daughters Amelia and Grace and my step children/friends Tara and Philip.  I am an advocate for the protection of children, including those in utero.  I am for School choice.  I want to remove literature of a pornographic nature found in our school libraries and see those at fault prosecuted.

CRT needs to be eliminated from the curriculum and the pillars of our educational foundation need to remain.  A classical education needs to be available in the public schools.   The school voucher system is for parents to off set the cost of private or homeschooling programs.  A curriculum I would recommend is easily accessible by downloading an app called Classical Conversations Foundations Memory Work.

The curriculum in the public and private schools should never eliminate history or teach our children an altered version to fit the liberal ideology.
The road of democracy was paved by individuals who lost their lives for our civil liberties; we need to ensure that our children understand that history repeats itself and if they are well equipt with knowledge and education, they will recognize and destroy communistic/socialistic barriers blocking the pathway of freedom and democracy. 


Why I am running

 I would like to see transparency enacted by law, from the news media, social media, the FDA, CDC and Pharmaceutical corporations, in efforts to better equip physicians with knowledge and data, so they may be able to adhere to informed consent to provide the best treatments for their patients. Informed Consent was developed legally over time as a medical and ethical standard of care. 

The Covid-19 vaccines should not be called a vaccine, due to the fact that there is no Covid virus within the makeup, but instead it is genetic engineering that we were in some cases mandated to inject.

If Messenger RNA and Messenger DNA does not modify cells then why is it changing the function of our cells, that forces our cells to create spiked proteins?  Spiked Proteins are toxic to the body. The pharmaceutical companies can claim that there is nothing harmful within the makeup of these so called vaccines, but instead we are creating the harmful spiked proteins that can have grave consequences. 

Abrupt changes in cell function have been seen in Cancer and HIV.  Why did the FDA want 55 years  and more recently the FDA requested 75 years to process and submit Covid 19  data?  The Freedom of Information Act Branch of the FDA, is in charge of processing 80,000 pages per month and currently houses a whopping “total of ten employees, including the director and two trainees.”
What is the FDA not wanting us to know?

Does the mRNA and mDNA incorporate its self at a slow pace?  Normally vaccines take 5 years to go through the evaluations necessary in order to be approved. We will not know how our bodies and children bodies will react from this genetic engineering for years.

The experts just say “Its not harmful.”  If the “vaccine” is not harmful where is the scientific article to tell us how the mRNA (messenger RNA) and mDNA specially work?

We are told to keep receiving the boosters when the efficacy of these vaccines are questionable, because patients who are triple vaxxed are still acquiring Covid-19?

There have been multiple cases of vaccine complications that include death, Guillain-Barré which is auto immune neuropathy with paralysis;   unexplained brain inflammation, hemorrhagging and blood clotting; as well as, heart complications including heart attacks (myocardial infarctions,)  cardiomyopathy and pericarditis.

After being vaccinated it also raises the question do these spike proteins act as a carrier system to take a cancer that might be curable and spread it around your body ultimately creating a deadly cancer that normally would be survivable?  I have seen examples of this in young women who were vaccinated. What else can this toxic molecule do? 

It’s very difficult to find out the truth, one of the examples is the morbidity mortality rate report that is put out annually by the CDC usually by March of the following year.  This report is still not available for 2020!

There should be an audit of every person’s death including any anomalies since the pandemic. Such as, is there an increase in stillbirths, unusual cancers that are more terminal than they should be.  

If data continues to be unclear, how can physicians connect the dots if complications are a result of the vaccine and are now affecting their patients.  

The legal system needs to be changed in terms of who can be sued; an example is social media.   All forms of social media is currently excluded from potential law suits, even though they violate our constitutional amendment every day by censoring and suppressing freedom of speech. John Stossel V Facebook  proved that Facebook does not have “Fact Checkers,” but instead have Opinion Checkers.

The pharmaceutical manufactures of the vaccines have been excluded from being vaccine liability and can not be sued for complications. This needs to change.

Has anyone checked to see current testing technique being used to detect Covid? The main technique is known as NAAT Nuclecic Acid Amplification Test, using PCR Polymerase Chain Reaction to amplify. All tests are based on detecting either mRNA or mDNA of the Covid virus; however, when we are given the vaccine, we start producing Covid spike proteins, my question is are spike proteins now being detected through the testing resulting in a positive Covid test or are the people actually getting sick based on reactions from the vaccine and they are not carrying the Covid Virus.

I do know that these testing techniques used for detecting Covid have never been put through a strict analysis, because the FDA utilized an abbreviated process under emergency authorization for approval.  When asking the question could the vaccine cause a positive Covid test, the answer given is a leading authority says no; no actual scientific studies are provided.

The Supreme Court ruled on January 13th blocked the current vaccine, booster or testing mandates for large private companies, but have ruled vaccine and booster mandates are to stay for medical professionals that take Medicare or Medicaid.   Are we going to be safe if our surgeon has a cardiac infarction while performing heart surgery on us? There should be no mandates in place for everyone. 

I am proud to stand for Lady Liberty in her hour of need and safe guard our constitution and firmly stand for the protection of Americans from nefarious entities, who wish us harm.

I am proud of the work our Congressman, Representative Kevin Brady has done for our district and I would be honored if I am elected to submit our vote in the People’s House as Representative of Texas’ 8th Congressional District.




On March 1, 2022, Vote in the Republican Primary
for Candice C. Burrows for Congress.

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